white lips, pale face, i’m gay, outer space

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'I told you i have homework.'
'Come on Nooooooor!'

'Gotta go. See ya when I finish the work! If…your brother comes this afternoon, tell him that i miss him.'
Den and Ice

Of Solitary Sirens and Shipwrecks

The Siren says, “Die for me”

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Norway sending Denmark forget-me-nots along with letters after Denmark-Norway fell apart


i got a drawing app on my phone and I wanted to test it out idk it took me a while to reach this level of mediocrity

baby Nordics taking care of each other (o´ω`o)

adult Nordics continuing to care for one another (♥ω ♥ )

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Keep on dreaming, don’t stop giving, fight those demons

Sell your soul, not your whole self


Haunt Bastille

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